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Easter In August

March 29, 2021

40 of 40

Anecdotes are history. Sort of. In theory my grandfather played professional soccer in Brooklyn in 1903. No record, but there weren’t many of much, there, then.

We are approaching Easter. Historically true that 2,000 years ago, someone was sentenced to death, along with many others, for not much. He had hundreds of followers. After the death, there were fairly full oral histories, written down scores of years after the event, that described a Resurrection. Seen by hundreds, but fully recounted by at least four of those oral histories.

You could say that history is fact checked anecdotes. But what are facts? It is a full on fact, recounted everywhere, that thousands, soon millions knew that the Resurrection happened, that it changed everything, and those who believed it happened might die for believing it. Jesus was resurrected, and they were OK with dying for knowing it.

I cannot see a video of Christ after his death. But something happened.

I cannot find any evidence that in late August of 1945: the Point Judith Country Club In Narragansett, Rhode Island had an extraordinary event, either. But my parents said they were there. Two weeks after Victory in Japan Day, at the end of World War 2.

The country, the world, had come close to complete devastation. In five insanely desperate years, scores of millions died, and fully everyone’s life was changed, as were the lives of their successors and assigns.

Those who survived had a full pivot from fear, to the future. My father and mother were at the Point Judith Club that August, my father returned from the Navy after a couple of years on Air Craft Carriers. Word of a celebration at the Club spread. A party. Of course.

But when my parents entered the Ball Room, in the blazing late August heat, they were overwhelmed. The entire space was filled with Christmas in August. Trees, fake snow, lights, everything that was, really, fully, missing from the world for the last 5 years. It completely wrecked them. Life had left. Life was back. Resurrection.

We create ritual, the rituals do not make us. But those rituals, those anecdotes, are us. They are as factual in their creation as any victory in any battle or the building of any place. There was Christmas in August, 1945.

Will there be Easter in August, 2021?

There is a tiny whiff of a distant, hollow echo approaching us, now in 2021. Millions have died, too. It has been over a year of loss and fear. We may, in fact, know that there will be an end. Perhaps in August. It is not even AAA Baseball compared to the Major League realities of World War 2. But it is the closest we have come in my lifetime.

This Year In Lent will end. But not at this Year’s Easter. The fully vaccinated still wear masks. We cannot do much, for a while, but we can do more.

These 40 pieces end today, too. 40 plus the 49 that preceded them. These are anecdotes too. But Christ is no anecdote. The reality of Easter in no ritual, despite the rituals, now, for now, forsaken. There will be a couple of score of us, for the first time in two years, in a room to say and hear those rituals this year. A whiff of Easters Past.

We do not choose the times we live in, but we should listen and express what has been given to us. Emily Dickinson did that 150 years ago. I listen to her every morning, now, in these pieces. Her mystery has not clarified but my devotion to her thought was made possible by this Year In Lent.

Twas a long Parting — but the time

For Interview — had Come —

Before the Judgment Seat of God —

The last — and second time

These Fleshless Lovers met —

A Heaven in a Gaze —

A Heaven of Heavens — the Privilege

Of one another’s Eyes —

No Lifetime — on Them —

Appareled as the new

Unborn — except They had beheld —

Born infiniter — now —

Was Bridal — e’er like This?

A Paradise — the Host —

And Cherubim — and Seraphim —

The unobtrusive Guest —

Emily Dickinson

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  1. Janice Gruendel permalink
    March 29, 2021 7:55 am

    Thank you

    JMGruendel. Sent by IPhone. Kindness Matters


  2. Bill Cavanaugh permalink
    March 29, 2021 9:57 am

    This Easter is also a powerful reminder of the reality that Resurrection, like so many good things is in the “Here…but not yet” category. We are vaccinated, but not yet free to do whatever we wish. In a way, we don’t have to wait until August—Easter is here…but not yet. Regards, amigo.

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