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HOME: Small?

April 12, 2021


The New (Old) Lure of The Small House:

A dozen years ago we had the McMansion Overdose that crashed the world economy in the Great Recession of 2008. Then we rode the pendulum swing to Love The Tiny House (until we had to actually think about how we live.) Now we have been force-fed the Stock House of the last 70 years of mass produced Suburban Homes in Covid Isolation.

Our culture inevitably rediscovers reality, despite our mood swings. The reality is that any home that grows to more than 3,000 square feet is a misfit for the classic American Dream Family. But home offices are now Normal so we work at home, all the time. People live longer, so generations combine. Children feel less need to detach, so they live at home with their parents longer, often for a decade after returning from college. Divorce is now the norm, so homes have alternating occupancies of singletons and blended families within their walls.

But we are having fewer children. But we are buying food and fungibles in bulk. We may need fewer cars. We may be creating our own energy. A Zoning Revolution is coming to suburbia where Accessory Dwelling Units are dropped onto existing single family home sites, and multiple, attached housing complexes are being proposed anywhere. everywhere throughout the country. Mixed signals have replaced The American Dream.

How Big Should A Home Be In The Change Time?

Great writers and architects Dale Mulfinger and Dennis Wedlick join Home Page with a great young architect Geoffrey Warner: Their experience and insight will give perspectives all of us in the COVID Cauldron may find useful. JOIN US!

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