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June 20, 2021

A Great Podcast!

In this early summer the weather has been bizarrely fair, and all our thoughts turn to the outdoors. We have probably raked out, mowed, planted, perhaps fertilized, maybe even weeded: but beyond the Gardening Regime we developed in the PLAGUE Sequester, we may be thinking about a relationship we almost never even think about: How Where We Live Has A Conversation With Our Yard.

Rather than PLANT PLANT PLANT what do we THINK THINK THINK to create a long term relationship with a place we often leave out in the cold? We often only notice our yard when something is desperately wrong. A tree falls. A septic system fails. A fence simply collapses. What do we look for, now, that we often ignore until it is too late? How do we actually make our yard a joy rather than a guilt trip?

Do we think about the compass points? What can we do to catch or avoid sun? Are the deer feasting? What are the consequences of creating a trellis, a deck, a fire pit? Is the lawn sucking all our gas, carbon, energy? Are there alternatives? If there are places of unending mud, no growth, scorched earth – what can we do? What do we do, before we bake in a few weeks, to make our patch of dirt become parts of our home?

We have extraordinary landscape experts visiting HOME PAGE this week:

Shavaun Towers of The Project Studio is a landscape architect who creates elegant places that resonate with personal, cultural, and ecological meaning. Her approach is collaborative, respectful of clients’ aspirations, and dedicated to revealing the intrinsic character of each site,  promoting human connections to the beauty and restorative qualities of nature, and lectures on the components of distinctive landscapes. 
Phil Barlow is the founder of To Design, and is the firm’s a Principal-in-Charge of projects. With a keen insight into the design and use of public spaces, Phil leads the schematic design effort and is responsible for quality control.  He serves on CT’s Board of Landscape Architects and the Connecticut State Historic Preservation Review Commission.
Nancy DuBrule Clemente is a passionate garden creator and advocate who created Natureworks since 1983 – an incredible garden and organic gardening education center. Natureworks also does landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Her shop is in a 130-year-old house filled with organic supplies, books, seeds and gardening products.  

There is a place between planting and building a three season room, and those who know both the landscape and the buildings upon them have a perspective different than the gardener or the builder. This Week on HOME PAGE HOME:Outside.

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