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July 21, 2021


We have all been in our homes and our neighborhoods more in the last year and a half than we have since World War 2. Now flights are back to 2019 levels, the highways are choked, but what about those places where we live? Not our homes, but our neighborhoods.

What was this part of the world like before cars? Planes? Internet? Were neighborhoods families? Were communities just us, not a governmental institution?

Was our separation from the world a return to life before these transporters? If so, what does that mean for us, now? Do you think we have changed to understand our localvore reality, or we slide back to simply bypassing our home town in favor of distant appeal, or has our neighborhood become more that what surrounds our home, but a place that we live?

This month HOMEPAGE extends the idea of “home” beyond the four walls of our dwellings. fter these eighteen months of both isolation and local connection going to change the definition of home to include those around us? Or has sequestration terrorized us to with hold faith beyond self-protection?

HOME brings in four perspectives on what a home is beyond where we live:

Steve Grathwohl is the principal of westport property management and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust, a nonprofit developer of affordable housing, and is a member of the Affordable Housing Committee in Fairfield.

Jason Bischoff-Wurstle is the Director of Photo Archives at the New Haven Museum, but he is also a lover of the history of home, and was a Board Member of the Board of The New Haven Preservation Trust NHPT. Jason’s exhibit “Daymarks 1872” highlights New Haven’s social history. Jason is also a WPKN fixture.

Steve Mouzon is an architect, urbanist, author, blogger, and photographer from Miami. He founded the New Urban Guild, which helped foster the Katrina Cottages movement. Steve Mouzon opened his own architecture firm in 1991 and produces a number of town-building tools and services. He has derived A Living Tradition is a framework for a new type of pattern book that is principle-based instead of taste-based and therefore contributes to the creation of new living traditions. Steve is also a principal of the New Urban Guild in Miami.

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