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The Nourishment of Bad Fortune

August 22, 2021


We are not you. You are sadly in a bad place. So sad. For you. I am not sad because I am not you.

As weather, uncontrolled, vaguely predicted, is anticipated, the perfectly haired, well dressed Talking Heads Of Weather Reporting are amped up in fully glory. They are now important because, in theory, they know what you do not.

But they know nothing more than the internet updates scientists give them. They extend possibility into disaster. As long as things are bleak, they are important. You are powerless, they have power.

But they are nothing more than you or I. They only offer tiny facts fully sauced with dire terror and deadly threat, dished out with the authority of the tiny screens we watch.

They are Ghouls.

Living, thriving on others’ fears. Drinking the blood of ignorance. Feasting on terror. Reveling in the fear they have no answer for. Using the misfortune of others to lord their “I told you so.” gravitas over lives that are simply without authority or control.

But that have no power, authority, control or any importance that we do not give them.

Channel turned. It’s always summer sweet in Mayberry.

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