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HOMES of Salvation

August 24, 2021


For most homes are the place of familiar settings, of comfort, of safety. Homes should not threaten, they should welcome us into our Safe Place of protection, of pleasant harbor. But for some, homes extend their humanity into the future. Homes provide a place of expression, hope, even risk in their innovation and vision.

Throughout the last 150 years homes went beyond the extension of their occupants’ values and aesthetics into the world of architectural, social and technological aspiration. For some, homes became laboratories of experimentation in “New” hope and possibility. Homes offered salvation to their owners, the civilization and architectural vision that could transform the way humanity makes buildings.

Homes have always been the lab rats of architecture. Their size, the control their builders had upon their outcome meant homes could project all the possibilities we invested in them. But like most experiments, these transformative attempts fail. We are seeing new trial balloons, right now, based on the same human desperation to make the “New” – even if in this effort happens in the oldest structure that humans built, our homes.

Home Page welcomes Taunton Press’s Peter Chapman and the New Haven Museum’s Jason Bischoff-Wurstle and others to steak about these and of Salvational Homes:

Container Homes,

Reproduction Homes

Living Roof/Buried Homes

Tiny Homes,

3D Printed Homes

Rammed Earth Homes

Net Zero Homes

Pressure Treated Wood Homes

Urethane Foam Homes

Dymaxion Homes

Usonian Homes

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