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September 15, 2021

100,000,000 Americans may have gotten the plague.

Vaccinations are available everywhere, all the time, and some do not want that protection. Even 20% of nurses in a New York Hospital are quitting. rather than get inoculated after 19 months of personally, daily, dealing with the plague.

Humans do not follow the realities of others. I think it is called Free Will. No law, even truth, corrals all humans into “one way or the highway”

We opt to purchase, at great cost, cigarettes that kill several hundred thousand of us a year.

Our cars could have a mandatory top out speed imposed on our throttles that follows the state’s highest speed limit (in Ct 65mph) but even small cars can go to 100mph, and most accidents happen, and people die, when cars go fast.

I, and about half of us, are fat, and that shortens our lives, without being force fed.

Somewhere in these last few months, now that everyone who wanted an inoculation got one, and those who have it are not threatened with severe consequences, somewhere, things changed. Not the screaming anti-mask rejection, or the full-on control of a government that defines every danger, no, no matter who is screaming at us, this last month, most have seen the crisis as not defining their lives.

Safety yes, terror no.

Millions in stadiums fully unmasked and screaming, everywhere, even in New York and LA, people packing interiors of restaurants. People still smoking and being fat when the plague makes those things more debilitating.

No one thinks that they cannot get vaccinated, just about a third of us do not want to be. As they get infected, and they will, protection follows the survivors, and whether dead or surviving those bodies are not hosts for the plague…

That disease will ebb, like the Spanish Flu 100 years ago.

I wish people wore helmets when they road bicycles, let alone motorcycles, but most do not. I wish no one wanted to smoke grass and over time dull their abilities, but they do to the point of having our elected governments legalize it, for no other reason than its pleasurable experience for some.

I wish I was not fat.

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  1. September 15, 2021 8:39 am

    Your fatness (and mine) does not kill my niece. My not wearing a helmet does not kill my neighbor. But my not being vaccinated, could. That is the difference. We live in a society, where what we do, and don’t do, affects each other, no matter how much some of us wish it weren’t true. We’re not islands, each man unto himself.
    To not get vaxxed is selfish, plain and simple.

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