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Acorns & Allergies

October 4, 2021

We control nothing.

In this odd season where The Plague is lustily exploding (or not) the seeding of the biosphere seems to be on overdrive. The maple trees have huge clusters of seeds about to whirligig down. The pines have crowns of cones and the oak trees are assaulting our home with an unending pelting of acorns,

And my nose is a battlefield.

In any given hour my nostrils are arid chasms of air passage, or, in minutes, completely sealed in goo, that seems stuffed beyond full to overflowing. Then clear in 20 minutes.

We can wear masks. I can toxify my body with Afrin. But The Plague and allergic responses are not deterred, we just feel better.

These months have seen the loved die. Some unexpectedly, some after long and wonderful lives. None by Plague or allergies.

Amid all the care and fear, the acorns simply bash away. It is their year. We had a good century between Plagues, filled with world wars, a Great Depression, landing on the Moon and the Internet. A good run.

But every year the allergies afflict the bodies that care. Others do not. The same sex byproducts are breathed in and out and life goes as usual on for most, like the Plague. Not for the sufferers. But there is no vaccination or booster shot for allergies, only chemical mitigation of the symptoms that create its own disease of fatigue and ick.

Nature is us. We are there with everything else. Like the acorns we seem to infect the world with pelting carbon that then affects everything else. Oh, I am sure we will nobly strive to suppress greenhouse cases and wear our masks. I know I do. But the force of this biosphere is not manmade or under our design. So nothing, in the end, is under our control.

We are the victims of the engine of life that made us, made us to think when life happens we are victims.

I am not a victim. I am just alive.

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