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Beating Against The Sunrise

October 14, 2021

Nov. 6 will have the latest sunrise this year. Dec. 21 will have the longest night.

How can that be?

We want to control. The early morning dark is a full buzzkill. We control the clock, if not the sun. So let us pretend the sun rises earlier by changing the hour so our clocks say it is earlier for 6 weeks before the sun actually starts rising earlier, and the nights actually get shorter.

Why do we care?

Why do we need to “make the perfect be enemy of the good” when we are fully imperfect, so what we do cannot be perfect? Would we faint if the real time of sunrise in Dec. 21 was the 8:17am it actually is? Why is 7:31am late enough that we need to pretend it’s 6:32am the next day?

The time we are given light changes whether we want to or not. Just like our life. I was diligent taking my booster inoculation, work out everyday, take 4 pills, and at some time, time will cease for me, despite every way I can make it go on.

Because we really do not control much. We just focus on the what we can define, in hopes that it reveals the power that we never had.

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