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October 23, 2021


The last year has seen the Real Estate Industrial Complex on Blast: Sell, Sell, Sell – a seller’s market, a housing consumer nightmare. Costs, always high in northeast grew far higher. The traditional ways of making a home, owning a home, even envisioning where a home could be were thrown out, in favor of a crazy bubble.

The way we think of homes is not static, homes are the direct extension of us, each of us, and collectively as humanity. So there are alternatives to how we envision how we live, where we live and what we live in – our homes.

Three guests are deeply involved in how homes are created, and can be part of Home Page this week to tell how they are working to open up the housing market, and respond to how the world has changed, and will change. Joining us is:

Pennie Garber is a licensed architect located near Staunton, Virginia. She has owned and operated a small architectural firm for the last 20 years. She is now working with a business incubator to build a new company, a benefit corporation called Plans for Good, that can hopefully address the needs of the families she hasn’t yet met who currently don’t have the resources to own their own home.

Susan Ingham is a licensed architect practicing in Seattle, Washington. Her firm, KASA Architecture specializes in residential design.  The main focus of her work is to try to create environments with beauty. She is a founder of the Building Beauty program in Sorrento, Italy, and teaches a difference way of creating home design, a way of the place and person, not the product.

Ben Ledbetter is an architect grew up in the South, received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Auburn University then went Harvard University, where he received a Master in Architecture degree Ben now directs the architectural studies program of the Wesleyan University Art Department, teaching architecture as well as drawing courses. Ben is part of a new program with Yale to create homes.


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