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The Gift of HOME

November 24, 2021


14 of this year’s Home Page guests from Minnesota, Los Angeles, New Hampshire, Brooklyn, and even Connecticut offer their perspective on what they are grateful for in our homes. From a window, mud room, kitchen table, history, to garden and more – the variety of love is heard in words, poem, and imagery. A great accompaniment to driving stuffing and stuff.

The noise of “The Holidays” is beginning to well up to deafening. We are bombarded with costs – monetary, emotional and physical. But we have those we love, and this week we see more of them. Rather than the absurdity of Zoom, this year we go back, we return to each other.

We leave, and come, to homes. These last two years we have come to know our home, and what we love and hate in our home. Where we live is greater with us than at any time since the automobile projected us out into the world.

Sequestration and fear of disease has meant that we know our homes more than any generation since World War 2. That means, this week, it is a good time to hear what we are thankful for in our homes. Each of us, all of us. HOME PAGE has a dozen guests, from the 36 we have heard from over the last year and we return to their perspectives.

As you drive to home, stuff a turkey, await the love of the distant, listen to an hour and a dozen voices answering:

“What are you grateful for in your home?”

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