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The End of Memory

November 25, 2021

Yes, while I crank on my Death Avoidance Protocol every morning, I often watch The Andy Griffith Show. Fully lame. Sorry. Often everyone on the screen is long dead. (Opie is now a world-class Director).

But Aunt Bea, Barney and Andy are gray living images of long dead humans. There is no memory if there is imagery. Icons painted for thousands of years brought the important humans into a static immortality, living in our minds when we stared at the images of the dead. Today’s icons need no head space. Every phone tells us whether they are alive or dead, – but everyone, everything is alive on our screens.

We do not need to remember much.

And we will remember less. And Less. They will be no refraction of reality through the lens of our minds. The wrinkles, the fat, the age, the humanity of all the dead are no longer erased or imposed. Everyone is alive forever in the Twilight Truth of the Purgatory of Technology.

We see many, in person these months, where once Zoom and phone were our only contact. Better than nothing is a reality, but reality is a better reality. We will never need our minds again. Or icon painters.

Not human, but now, fully human.

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  1. Brian Miller permalink
    November 25, 2021 8:36 am

    Please explain to me why it is better to keep the fact whether someone is alive or dead in our memories? There are so many more important things to keep in our minds to make use of as we experience life. Let those details be kept elsewhere. Whether someone is still alive or not in reality doesn’t matter, when our experience of them is in alive in our imaginations.

    • Duo permalink
      November 25, 2021 9:25 am

      Happy Thanksgiving! Death is losing its chronology: not good or bad just fact…

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