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December 21, 2021


2021 is ending. Perhaps we sense that the 20th century is (finally) ending, too. In any event, the growing hours of daylight trigger the future thoughts of the entire biosphere. HOME PAGE is no different. The home is uniquely human in its presence and projection in our lives. Geodesic domes, concrete houses, buried homes, the now oddly dated “Smart Home” are just some of the ways we visioned how our homes would change.

But what we build almost never follows the leaders of taste and futurism: the drumbeat of “bigger” has been louder in the Housing Boom of today, while the salvation of “density” now has an asterisk in our expectation as the latest variant makes distance fonder in our apprehension.

Whither the Home Of The Future? How will we think about how we live in the near and far futures this weird time continually challenges us to apprehend? HOME PAGE has three incredible guests, from Canada, Europe and the wilds of Boston to give their visions on how and why homes will or might change.

Or Ettlinger, PhD is on the faculty of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and is part of Humboldt University of Berlin and the Building Beauty Program in Sorrento, Italy. June Komisar is a registered architect, and Associate Chair of Ryerson University’s Department of Architecture Science undergraduate student affairs in Toronto. Ann Sussman is also a registered architect and writer of books focusing on how we perceive buildings and teaches at the Boston Architecture College and is President of the Human Architecture and Planning Institute.

Where are homes going? Well, no one really knows but these thought leaders know more than most!

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