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The Humanity of Omicron

December 26, 2021

Humans were tiny blip of world demographics until a few thousand years ago, now we are almost 8 billion. But numbers are not the issue, it’s our intent, our grading, our, well, humanity.

When some neurological -SNAP- happened perhaps 35,000 ago: our brains changed. Our climb to extreme overview exploded and humans have come to expect life as an entitlement, in all desires and possibilities. We are bizarrely distinct from our pets, who we know intimately. Or the birds we see. Or Covid 19.

But in this moment and others we have been uncontrollably threatened. Our obsession with our outcomes – love, money, children, fame, doing things – is made folly by a near-death risk. Like World War 2, or any other plague, some things are bigger than our brains.

We, and our lives, are tips of icebergs – we think that those tips are the outcomes of our devotion, but we are still an infinitely wee part of the iceberg below our sentience. That awareness is made looming when our ability to control is revealed to be laughable. Like now.

This moment, millions are testing, retesting and testing again to see if a disease, one that we pretentiously name “Omicron”, is with us. We are sore afraid. We are either afraid of getting sick, dying, or perhaps just not being in control enough to avoid all this crap.

But Omicron is just humanity in another form. There was a genetic -SNAP- a couple of years ago, a change at the very tip of the iceberg of life on earth – made on top of a billion, trillions, of other -SNAP-‘s – and now floods of beings infest this place. Just like us.

Before Hitler or the Spanish Flu, or the Black Plague revealed our completely tentative, fragile, even defenseless reality in the face of unknown incapacity, humans always, somehow, felt that they were the reality of life. The top of the iceberg has no understanding of the vast reality below it, the tip is above the unlimited surrounding water that allows the tip to exist, above all the other tips that were formed below it.

Our culture, our values our efforts are but the snows and rains and winds that change the thinnest of surfaces on that iceberg tip. We are fulling living in the created world of our design – until we are not. Because we never were.

We did not make the tip of our iceberg, let along its vast underside nor incalculable sea that allows us to have values, desires, outcomes. Despite labs in China, we did not make Omicron. But Omicron, and all the other realities that we do not control reveal ourselves to ourselves because we cannot control them, we can only cope.

But we can only cope when we can. And none of us can cope beyond our deaths. We can not deny them, and we cannot invent the lives we have once they are lived before those lives cease. Whether a plague or a war, or under a bus, we end, despite all tests, vaccines, buildings or bank accounts.

Because we are Omicron, and the iceberg we are consigned to. Made outside of our understanding, changing and impacting each of us no matter what outcome we desire. We try to test, to understand, to change – and we do. We are incredibly facile and understanding. But we fail at what we feel entitled to.

Just like Omicron, the Spanish Flu, and Hitler, things end. We can make things end sooner, or with less threat, even prevent many awful things from hurting us. But we cannot create a place of our design. The architect of the iceberg, the sea, and Omicron is not us.

We should know that. But we hope it is not true. I take my test in an hour.

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