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February 16, 2022

A Great Podcast!!!

We have spent two years cacooning, chaffing, isolating, segregating, podding – simply sequestering to prevent infection, and for many this has meant being infected by a sense of loneliness and futility. That state has created a residential building boom in many places in the country, as we all had our noses rubbed into our domestic accommodations, and now seek to manifest our homes’ destinies.

Things may be changing, but many have had a home history that is the polar opposite of our two years of residential hibernation.

Some, even during The Plague, are not embedded in their beds, locked down in a ZOOM-focused life. Some abandoned traditional home-centric lives in favor of home being wherever they choose to live. Even in COVID. Home is where the heart is, and for some – and perhaps, many, many more – where home is follows their heart to foreign climbs. That wanderlust is not just for experiences, or entertainment, or even to make a living. Being “on the road” forces each of us to be itinerant home dwellers.

The reality of taking your home with you wherever you go is an attitude that may be blissfully refreshing to the sequestered-out sofa dwellers many of us have become. HOME PAGE gathers several of these itinerants. One, WPKN’s own beloved Martha Lewis has just returned from a long adventure in China, and will be in studio. Another, Katy Purviance, trained to be an architect and then started a world tour and will be talking to us from Albania. Charlie Depman spent a decade wandering through parts of China and Asia – he has alighted in San Francisco in the tech world, but how did his time when home was where he was changed how he thinks of home?

So Join Us as we explore the Moveable Home, how who we are, and where we are can define how we we live into our sense of HOME.

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