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Pretty Good HOME

March 17, 2022


We all want a home. For some that means an anonymous apartment, others a McMansion, but for some, that means creating your own place. As an architect I have helped a few hundred people make their place in the world.

Now a new generation is finding the truth in making homes that “fit” the lives of their occupants, that are sized and designed to use as little energy as possible, but have a rethinking of layout and detailing that refreshes homes for everyone on an ongoing basis. Taunton Press in Newtown, CT has spent decades trying to understand and lead in the perception of the home. Now, Taunton has made a new book, for a new generation of home builders, not the trend-following “housing boom” buyers, but those who see their lives finding expression in creating places to live, regardless of any economic microclimate’ “The Pretty Good House”.

As Taunton blurbs; “A Pretty Good House” is a house that’s as small as possible; it is simple, durable, and well designed; it uses wood and other plant-derived products as construction materials (preferably local); it should be insulated and airsealed well enough that heating and cooling systems can be minimal; and, above all, it is affordable, healthy, responsible, and resilient. Pretty Good House provides a framework and set of guidelines for building or renovating a high performance home that does right for its inhabitants and for the planet— without breaking the budget.”

While this is classic wisdom, it has new voices: architects Robert Swinburne, Emily Mottram, Chris Briley, and builder Dan Kolbert will Talk to HOME PAGE about classic wisdom writ new!

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