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What Makes HOME?

April 24, 2022


We are emerging from COVID. Movies, planes, restaurants, even public events. Once such event is the first gathering of those who are fully engaged in making homes: “Builders, Architects and Designers” (BAD) (!) had a series of events in full swing before the plague, and is now coming out the virtual to be existential: and having a full on conference in Boston, involving a woodworker, scientist architect, city planner, and …me (the architect)

This old/new focus has a universality that is what HOME PAGE is designed to address, so we will have The Entire Panel on to broach this mission statement:

“What Makes A Good House – and Why?”

How we experience the built environment is influenced by history, tradition, style, and fashion, but it is determined by the long evolved sensory and emotional adaptations to our human habitat.  

The largely unconscious determinants of our experience and measure of the places we live and work are being disclosed through neuroscience and evolutionary biology. This Talk will explore the hardwired filters of experience and help us understand WHY everyone loves a symmetrical façade and is happy to nestle down on a window seat.”

Architect/Scientist Ann Sussman, City Planner/Moderator Ted Landsmark, Cabinet Maker Paul Reidt and I will address the seminal reality that our homes are our central physical focus on many levels. JOIN US!

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