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If we had control, Prohibition would be possible.

May 12, 2022

Right now, we are all obsessed with control, and that means we have a newly fresh understanding of our lack of it.

We murder more, suicide more, overdose more, die more and now obsess with pregnancy more than we have since before the Plague Sequestration was supposed to give us perspective.

Maybe it did.

In theory, we understand the ramifications of our actions. Plan for them. And the execute them. We control life, because we can, and want to. Sure. That is the point of advertising, elections, laws.

But we suicide more, overdose more, die more and need to end pregnancy when all those actions would not happen if we actually did have control over what we wanted. There would be peace, there would be no “supply chain issues”, every child would get into the school they want, I would weigh 40 pounds less, and have hair on the back of my head.

Instead, the anger, sadness, pain of not being in control creates desperation for control. Endless political, moral, legal outrage over what is at the essence of humanity: knowing what we cannot control. And still wanting to control it.

We actually thought that our genius allowed for 95% impact on plague spreading. Vaccination would prevent infection, thus spreading, and, of course death. This morning there was an article about those who are multiply vaccinating still getting infected, spreading what they have been infected against, and yet limiting death, while still having a lot of death, just less of it. And we get more doses for a mitigation that was once a solution. Because we do not control that, either.

Prohibition was a solution.

“Just Say No” was a solution.

Laws ending the ending of pregnancy is now a solution.

But we choose to drink, take drugs, have sex, and if we had control over those decisions the solutions for them would have no problem. But we do what we should not want to do. No one I know wants to die, have an unwanted baby, be out of control in any way.

But we are not, ever, in control.

But we can offer solutions. Endlessly.

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