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HOME as Architecture

July 17, 2022


This Month’s HOME PAGE is a unique full hour with an architectural critic and Pulitzer Prize winning writer Paul Goldberger, who went to Yale, and has written any number of books on architecture, including “Why Architecture Matters” and “Ballpark”, taught at The Parsons School of Design. Goldberger written for the New York Times, Vanity Fair, and the New Yorker.

Architecture is the focus of the hour, and homes are the “Ur” building. Homes are the most generic place. We all have them. Either a room, home, institution, we all set our head down and night somewhere, and most often we want that place you extend and express who we are. In that way, homes are fully universal, created in the vernacular of their origins, a social fundamental, a cultural mirror, what it means to be a human, beyond nest or burrow.

Our culture is at a crossroads: The 20th century seems a hundred years ago, COVID and Artificial Intelligence are both present but their impact is unknowable, and the next generation will be completely transformed by technology, environmental and moral change that has not been seen since the Industrial Revolution.

Architecture never leads, it follows. Huge changes have rendered the buildings we used to use daily useless: The office tower, the shopping mall, the worship space, the movie multiplex, even our urban centers may all be repurposed in just the next decade. In all this, we are leaving a housing bubble.

Where has architecture been, where is architecture now, and where will architecture go? HOMEPAGE thinks about how the home reflects our culture, so how we live is at the center of the discussion.

No one in this moment knows architecture as fully as Paul Goldberger: JOIN US.

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