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July 29, 2022


In ArchDaily: New York’s Tower of Babel

In Mockingbird: The Prodigal Architect

In CT Insider: Column: Rethinking CT’s empty movie theaters, churches and malls

In ArchDaily: Democratizing Architecture vs. Aesthetic Apartheid Architecture

In CommonEdge: Adaptive Reuse Is the Architectural Challenge of the Future

In CT Insider: Column: A ‘Connection Revolution’ is changing architecture

In MockingBird: Sowing Seeds

In ArchDaily: What is Aesthetics

In CommonEdge: Architecture Is Evolving, and the Pritzker Prize Demonstrates This

In CT Insider: Column: ‘Tear down’ culture makes it easy to forget about history

In ArchDaily: “Net Zero” Homes: Marketing Morality

In ArchDaily: The Architectural Pandemic of the “Stick Frame Over Podium” Building

In CommonEdge: Five Simple Rules For House Design That Drastically Lower Energy Costs

In ArchDaily: The Future of Visualization May Be The Past

In MockingBird: Life and Its Absence

In CT Insider: Column: The hazards of hype in a real estate boom

In CT Insider: Column: How ‘The Harvard 5’ brought Mid-Century Modernism to New Canaan

In MockingBird: Consider the Bees in the Air

In CommonEdge: Don’t Blame Bad Buildings on a Lack of Money

In CT Insider: Opinion: Those boxy apartment complexes sprouting up are ‘architectural fast food’


Recent Images


 The outdoor chapel at Incarnation Camp in Ivoryton, CT

Click here to read about the project.


CEPHAS Housing 25 Years Ago in Yonkers NY

Click here to read about the project.



On WTNH News:  Madison Architect Sheds Light on Solar Solution for Homeowners

On Common Ground with Annette Ross:  She asked “Where is Architecture?”, I answered

On HGTV:  Mercedes Home Diaries       Password: mercedes


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  1. Cori SaNogueira permalink
    September 6, 2014 11:14 pm

    Beautiful. The chapel is awesome!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. October 4, 2020 11:58 am

    Love this Peaceful and Powerful Place of Worship…

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