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HOME for the rest of us

August 21, 2022


Homes are less affordable than they have been for the last generation. The cost of construction is high, mortgages are at a level not since the Great Recession. Connecticut is one of the most expensive places to rent or own a home.

The culture is flooded with media focus, paid and journalistic, on the single family home. “DIY”, “flipping”, “Hot Housing Market” are the terms less than 2/3rds of American families deal with – but 40% of us rent, and millions of homes and apartments use government or not-for-profit funding to provide places to live for those who cannot pay for the extreme costs in the private sector.

The Housing Bubble is bursting, right now. The market will change. The way “family” is described is changing to redefine our homes are occupied. There are a lot of questions. Three experts have lived their lives seeking answers to the questions confronting everyone who lives anywhere.

Steve Grathwohl has worked in sand around Bridgeport, Connecticut to connect people, communities, programs and homes for decades. Jim Goodridge has been active in both the public and private worlds of hime creation in Guilford Connecticut for the last 30 years. Joan Arnold has worked in New York, and led the cause of home ownership nationally, in the not-for-profit world

What will happen in the next few years as we deal with these realities:

Changing ways we live (co-housing, condominiums, adult dormitories?)

Changing Financing (government, public banks, non-profits?)

Changing Zoning (Accessory dwellings, the definition of “family”)

Changing Infrastructure (septic, transportation, energy)

Changing Ownership (NGO’s, non-profits, non-family)

What might change in the next generation?


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