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Gendered Home?

October 24, 2022

THURSDAY OCTOBER 27th! LIVE! Noon! 89.5FM or Streaming

Gender is part of life. Humans try to define it, control it, liberate it, or simply understand it. Every human’s gender is with each of us every day. Every part of every life has our gender along for the ride. We design how we dress, cook, garden, decorate, and simply express ourselves – who we are is essential in what we do.

And we design buildings. And homes are our most essential, intimate and universal building. How we create any building is neither male or female, it is human – uniquely so. This century has seen gender as part of our common complexity – the oxymoron of the universally idiosyncratic complexity.

There was a time when men dominated some professions, women others. The perception was that what we did was defined by our gender – whether as a nurse or as a banker. Architecture was a closed-loop male construct, until the reality of our humanity revealed that prejudice as simply incorrect. The mechanical/social/righteous rectifications  of the historic insanity of male-centric architecture are completely examined: so HOME PAGE will talk about the elemental nature of how humans create:

Are there differences in how genders design? 

We will have people on HOME PAGE who have been thinking about design their entire lives, and how this generation of widening perception of who each of us is, personally and culturally is now a moving target. Jason Bischoff-Wurstle has addressed our culture and its evolution as the designer of over 50 exhibitions at the New Haven Museum – including the changing way we look at ourselves. Andrea Swartz is associate dean at the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University and teaches as well as being a licensed architect, making furniture, photographs and buildings.

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