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November 17, 2022


Two things happen on Thanksgiving before we eat: we either go to the dinner table wherever it may be, or we make dinner. Some people make dinner for others, all the time, every day. Those who make food for others join us today to talk about their Thanksgivings.

Kitchens are in every place we live. We use them to follow recipes, toast our bread, warm our soup, microwave our frozen foods and leftovers, even make special meals like Thanksgiving. When we make food we use our kitchens we are manifesting what our homes are – the nurturing, protecting, refuge where we also sleep and bath and thing about the rest of the world.

But at at Thanksgiving many have the world come to their kitchen. Right now, many hearing this show are elbow deep in stuffing, chopping, peeling, and, well, cooking, in those kitchens we often take for granted.

Some use kitchens to earn a living. Their workweek is being at the place where others come to eat. Their lives are as hosts – but now, they are like the rest of us: either cooking or going to Thanksgiving. Today Home Page talks to those who center both professional and domestic lives on their kitchens – the professional hosts on they day when anyone can be a host:

Stefanie Lesnik created Field House Farm in Madison Connecticut, where groups come into her kitchen to be with her and eat the produce she grows. Michael Eagan helps run Zinc in New Haven, a restaurant that has been a shining light for the weary diner. Danielle Ginnetti is an owner of 116 Crown, also in New Haven, where her husband is the chef and the bar is a laboratory of exquisite alcohol. Sandy Gervais has run The Elm City Club in New Haven for over 30 years, welcoming sometimes hundreds of people to great gatherings of celebration. And Joel Gargano and his wife Lani created Grano Arso in Chester, and is expanding their hosting to Chester and now New Haven.

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