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The Italianate Style by Christine G. H. Franck

April 5, 2013

italianateWe are pleased to link to Christine G.H. Franck’s website, where she has a great list of historic American house styles illustrated by her own sketches, as shown here.

An excerpt from the Italianate Style post:  “Borrowing from “the charming character of the irregular villas of Italy,” according to English Architect Charles Barry, and Italian Renaissance examples, architects filtered these sources through the Romanticism of the 19th century into something wholly new.  Three distinct Italian-inspired sub-styles emerged:  the Tuscan Villa style, with its asymmetry, arcaded porches, and towers; the more rare Renaissance Revival style inspired by Renaissance urban palaces; and lastly, the Italianate style.”

View the full page here.

Copyright Christine G.H. Franck, Inc.

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