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October 22, 2019


Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, The Trump Presidency: the end of the beginning of the 21stcentury is complicated. In the world of design and architecture there has been another, tiny, change amid all this extremity: how we are looking at the design of EVERYTHING.

People all have a home. Here in Connecticut those with freestanding homes define them –they think of “styles”: “Modern” or “Traditional” or even “cape” or “Split Level” – but those are choices, existing things, even existing “styles to design to. Only 5% of homes have any architect touch them, but every body who changes them thinks about design. 

With ALL of this Change, is the way we think of Design changing too? Everything we use, everything we make, everything we interact with has, in some way been designed: but especially where we live, those free-standing homes, apartments, mom’s basement.

How We See, How We Think, How We Design, How We Learn from our homes: Architects from California and Colorado and the Department Chair of the University of Hartford Architecture Department join HOME PAGE. Chris Andrews, Don Ruggles and Jim Fuller talk about the way things are changing..

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